Can you explain your faith or beliefs without saying, “because the Bible says…”? What if you are talking to someone who doesn’t give any credence to the Bible or hold any beliefs about what it says? How do you describe your faith without quoting it?

I periodically have conversations with people who have a very different belief system than I do. I find it a positive thing, healthy for me, to have meaningful conversations with people who see the world so much differently than I do. I’m grateful for these learning opportunities that allow me to challenge what I’ve always believed and been taught and to grow and expand my knowledge and understanding of my neighbors on this world. The more I have these conversations, the more I love people.

So what about you? Does your faith stand up when you speak about your life and how you have experienced God? Can you say that you believe what you believe because you have tested it and found it to be true? Or maybe you have rejected a belief that you have always thought to be true but looked around and found that it’s not true after all, or at least not in the same way. Both of these things have happened to me and much more. I am continuously coming to new understandings as I experience new things and come in contact with new people. I have a common saying that I use a lot, “my life is rich with people,” and when I think about the people I know, from all parts of my life, I feel extremely blessed. This, I think, is the way God works. God isn’t up there somewhere manipulating nature and designing each snowflake. God is down here, working in and with people. And that is what I love so much about God. 




4 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. What a beautiful post to wake up with! Your voice is clear and gives hope. The greatest joy I’ve had was the opportunity to live in such diverse places; listening, learning and growing. Our relationship with God is ours- each individual- to uncover and discover. Stretching our minds and our love. Thank you for sharing your journey Julie! So inspiring! xoxo

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