My husband and I live in Springfield, Missouri. He is pastor of a great church and we have three awesome, grown-up children and one lovely daughter-in-law. I am currently learning to teach English to speakers of other languages while working full-time as an administrative assistant at our local university. It is my desire to teach English to refugees.

When my youngest child was small, he would play quietly in his room. Once in a while I would hear a loud noise or crashing sound followed by a very calm “nothing’s broken.” He knew I would be coming to check it out because it sounded like something had shattered and he wanted to reassure me that, in reality, there was nothing broken at all.

We feel broken at times, car accidents, deaths of loved ones, depression, alcoholism, illness, addictions, so many things in life bring brokenness to our hearts and souls.  But though we may feel broken, we can find hope through faith in a God who has not forgotten us, through those who love us and help hold us together, and through the realization that what seemed to be broken was, in reality, not broken at all, and that healing is indeed possible. We are bent, cracked, scarred and messy. But we are not broken.



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  1. Hi Julie, I was wondering if you would be OK if I used one or two of your photographs of your great trip in a book I am writing on Ancient Mesopotamia? I would love to use the one of the Pilate stone, and possibly the one of Herod’s pool if that is OK with you? It’s for an educational children’s book “Uncovering the Culture of Ancient Mesopotamia” to be published by Rosen. All the best – Alix

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