Photo a Day

I truly enjoy taking pictures and playing around with them. When I learned that the United Methodist Church has a photo a day through Lent, I decided to join in. I will post the photos daily on Instagram and on my weekly blog. Wednesday was Ash Wednesday so I have 5 photos to share, including tomorrow’s photo.


The Ash Wednesday photo is titled “Heal.” The cross is olive wood from Bethlehem and the band aid, well it’s covering a sore that doesn’t want to heal. 


“Injustice” This picture was taken in a village called Bir-ouna where the olive trees have been destroyed to make way for a new Israeli-only road, which connects settlements, and more separation barrier. The razor wire is a clue to the struggle here.


“Sacrifice” These are more trees in Bir-ouna that have been destroyed. These were models for some of my drawings. 


“Treasure” The crucifix and prayer beads were gifts from two different Muslim friends. The afghans in the background are family heirlooms. 


“Celebration” this was last year on Palm Sunday in Jerusalem. These pilgrims had just come down the Mount of Olives and are joyfully on their way to the Old City. 

The hashtag is #rethinkchurch and it is definitely something I have been pondering. What does it mean to be a Christian?